Every Indian bride has so much to think about leading up to their big day, but the last thing that springs to mind is footwear!

You can’t walk in front of your family bare foot! So make sure you take these points into consideration when it comes to your bridal footwear!

Comfort over style

What would you rather remember on your special day? The beautiful pictures of you with your new husband, or the aching blisters left on your feet? What about that photo of you grimacing in the photo because you just want to keep your heels off?

It’s your special day, so make sure you pick the shoes that are the most comfortable, not the most stylish!

Do you need heels?

A very important question: are you comfortable walking in heels? Are you only wearing them to match the height of your groom? If the answer is no the both these questions, then go with flats. You’ll be far more comfortable!
Also bear in mind the venue of your wedding – flat shoes will serve you well if you’re getting married outdoors!

Mind your budget!

Just because those beautiful shoes in the window are the exact ones of your dreams, doesn’t mean you have to take out a loan to buy them! Sometimes you’ll have to compromise and go for something else within your price range.

However, a good shopper knows to shop around for the best deal, so maybe you can have the shoes of your dreams after all!

Practice practice practice!

The last thing you need on your wedding day is a pair of shoes that just pinch at your feet! Make sure you wear them in before the big day to avoid disappointment!


Images courtesy of The Wedding Crasher Facebook Page