Need some Mehndi inspiration? Rolla Bazaar is here to provide exactly that!

With Eid around the corner, we all know the last minute rush to get your Mehndi sorted. I hate it when we sit down though and you get asked the dreaded question, “so what design do you want?”

We all know traditional henna designs have always been more floral and leafy in form which is beautiful in its own way, but fortunately today we see a whole new array of patterns mixing culture with culture and forming remarkable designs. The best part is being able to have a range of designs to pick and choose from- now ladies if your happy and you know it, clap your hands, stomp your feet or do whatever you gotta do because we have cherry picked some stunning designs for all to enjoy this festive season and any festivities to come. Although we must say there is no need for an occasion to apply henna, however since we have an excuse with Eid, what more of a fabulous way than to share happiness through art and colour!


Lacey Twist

Design by FizaMehndi, West Midlands based Henna Artist

If your looking for something simple yet sophisticated in appearance then why not try this lacey design, this would look perfect with a brush of a bit of nail varnish paired with asian attire. No rings or bangles needed with this one since the detail on this is so immaculate you don’t want to be concealing any part of it. Be bold and daring and like L’oreal says ‘because your worth it’!


Pearl Perfection

Design by HirahMughal, West Midlands based MUA & Henna Artist

This is another one of the stunning simple designs, this design is complete heaven for those of you who don’t like to fill there hands with so much detail. The linking of the two finger designs with the pearls completes this look in the most enchanting way. It leaves you room to customise the look in your own way- lets add some glamour with a ring and some chooriya and give those hard working hands the attention they deserve!


The famous Mandala

Design by FizaMehndi, West Midlands based Henna Artist

We are in absolute awe of this design, just can’t get enough! We love everything about this, from the bracelet to the red nails and of course the intricacy of the design. For all those ladies who have rolled perfect round rotis, it’s time to roll out your talent on your hands with a perfect 360 mandala! It looks very intricate and elegant in appearance, a simple bracelet will complete this design.

The Pocahontas

So when we featured this on our instagram @rollabazaar, you guys couldn’t stop liking it so we had to cover it. We love the mesmerising detail and finesse that @amaals_designs have applied. This is subtle, yet impactful. Gets noticed but doesn’t say look at me. For understated elegance, the Pocahontas is our favourite.

Just Fingers


Design By Mazendi, B’ham Based Henna Artist

Now we are talking simple and elegant. This is such a striking and effortless design! This is perfect for those of you who have left it last minute. Go treat yourself to some finger designs while you have time. This design leaves plenty of room to customise with various accessories, you choose and tell us about how you completed this look.



Design by Henna Samzy, B’ham based Henna Artist

Last but not least, what do you guys think about this design? Whether you are into roses or you just want to give your loved one a very strong hint then spread some of these across your arms. Not a traditional Henna Design but it certainly works for us.


Guys let us know your thoughts, which is your favourite and why? Follow us on instagram @rollabazaar and make sure you like our facebook page. Most of all Happy Eid and do send us your henna designs!