Top 10 Nail Trends for 2017

Trends change by the minute. Be it wardrobe, hair, or shoes, with every season there comes a new trend and style statement that the internet goes crazy over. Summer is here and it is time to up your wardrobe game by bringing out all the prints and vibrant colours that embrace summer and all its warm and sunny glory with open arms. Another understated part of your look that needs to up its game is your manicure. Every change in wardrobe according to season or trend, calls for a change in nails.

Here are some of our favorite nail trends for 2017.

Modern Metallics

Credit: MetDaan

All of our collective social media feeds are swamped with this one trend. Metallic hues are the talk of the town. From liquid lipsticks and eye makeup, to footwear and clothing, it was only fitting that this trend conquered the nail business. Adding the gorgeous metallic sheen to any manicure, metallic nail polish can be worn individually or as a top coat paired with another color.

Asymmetrical French Manicure

Source: Pinterest

Adding a modern twist to the classic French manicure, this amped up version uses pastel hues such as nudes and beige instead of stark whites and plays with asymmetrical diagonal patterns for an edgy overall look. This fun yet laid back version is easy to master.

All Feminine and Pink

Source: Pinterest

Taken straight off the runway, millennial pink is the unapologetically feminine favourite of this season. An extremely versatile option, this color palette comprises of a range of shades that you can choose from depending on your personal preference. Keep it simple or amp it up with some tasteful nail art, these are perfect for any day everywhere.

Adorned Cuticles


Source: Pinterest

Accessorising just went to a whole new level. If you are not a fan of jewellery but still want to add a little bit of bling and glam to your hands then this is the trend you need to look out for. Adorn your cuticles with glitter if you wish to keep it minimal yet feminine and glam, rhinestones if you wish to go all out, or simply with some striking contrasting nail polish for a bolder look.

50 Shades of Grey

Source: Pinterest

Taking inspiration from the gloomy rainy skies and the silvering sheen of light during twilight hours, this trend involves various hues of grey. This muted, chic, and smoky colour palette destroys the common misconception that grey is boring.

Abstract Art

Source: Pinterest

Treat your nails like a canvas and drench them in abstract art that oozes creativity like no other. A fairly easy look to master, all you need are a bunch of random nail polishes and some of those art skills you learned in school and you have yourself a relaxed, edgy, vibrant, and fun manicure that you can flaunt anywhere and everywhere.

Blood Red

Source: Pinterest

This trend takes it back old school except for this time; there is an edgy and gothic undertone that you simply won’t be able to resist. Instead of a true bright, classic red, blood red is the colour of the season to quench your thirst. Perfect for toasty fall, chilly winters, breezy spring, and warm summers, this should be your go-to shade this year if you love a good red manicure.

Neon Electric Orange

Source: Pinterest

All throughout the season, we have been introduced to various collections put forth by designers incorporating bright colours for this season with a special focus on the revival of a good vibrant orange. This trend quickly dominated the beauty industry as more and more brands are introducing makeup and nail colours in bright orange shades that embody the spring and summer season like nobody’s business. Perfect for everyday casual wear, add a fun twist to your ensemble with a pop of colour.

Bold Stripes

Source: Pinterest

Keep it simple or fancy, you really cannot go wrong with stripes. Experiment with different colours and contrasting hues to create unique looks that you will not find anywhere else. Mesh different tones together to create abstract patterns or simply wear them as accents, they will look like high fashion regardless.

Colour Blocking

Source: Pinterest

Bright coloured pieces dominated the runways this year. Nails are simply following suit. This is the perfect way to get into spring and summer mode. Just coat your nails in bright colours in stripes, geometric patterns, or dots to create your own custom edgy nail look. The perfect way to add a pop of colour to an otherwise basic look, do not be afraid to use as much colour as you wish to use.

Embrace the seasonal trends and find your favourite. Get your summer body in shape, your makeup on fleek, and nails flawless enough to shun those haters away.