Our Beauty and Fashion Writer, LadyJBeauty, commends the online star Nabela Noor for standing up to online trolls and argues that we need more influencers to stand-up to these bullies. 

Nabela Noor


At the turn of the year, the Instagram sensation and Make Up Artist, Nabela Noor bravely stood up to online trolls through a make-up tutorial which went viral.

Like any other Make-Up Tutorial, the Youtube Star, starts off bare-faced, prepped and primed but soon starts to emblazon the harshest of taunts that she has been subject to like “PIG”, “FAT” & “UGLY”. Holding back tears, she then proceeds to wipe away these cutting insults using the same brown concealer and replacing them with the words of affirmation “I LOVE ME XO”.  You cannot help but be in awe of someone so brave who stands up to those who choose to be online trolls hurling abuse.

We have included Nabela’s video here – check it out for yourself.



The video that has over 875.1k views and 28k comments has been praised for Nabela’s bravery and confidence to speak about how she was called names in 2017 and how comments she received almost destroyed her.

Thanks to beauty brands Huda Beauty and Too Faced who reposted the video on their own Instagram platforms, the video has been seen by millions.

Her powerful statement speaks volume in an age where social media has changed the way we communicate and is often the main tool people use to express their views, good or bad. Many people especially those in their teens and early 20s have had both positive and negative experiences on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where anyone can write a nasty comment, turn something positive into a horrible meme, create hate forums and even taunt someone based on their physical appearance.

There are millions of makeup tutorials that can be seen on social media platforms from beauty influencers & bloggers who transform their natural faces into a work of art through the power of makeup. However there are still hateful people who can’t comprehend that there are people who enjoy using beauty products to show creativity and instead turn it into something hateful by commenting on people’s imperfections and even making racial slurs.

Nabela’s video takes the typical makeup tutorial and turns it into a self-love message which is something we need to see more of.

Beauty influencers in 2017 have had sometimes more of an influence on society then even celebrities as they are everyday people who have gone viral and now have millions of followers.

However there is still that underlying message of untrainable beauty “goals” that the average person tries to meet when they see these flawless hair, makeup, bodies and style in these videos and pictures posted every day.

More beauty people should take the time in 2018 to show what goes into making a video such as great lighting, HD cameras, freebies from sponsorships and collaborations in order for young people in particularly not to feel pressured to try to live up to a lifestyle that they see in front of them.

This isn’t the first time Noor has used her social media platform to raise awareness for body positivity and self-love; her Youtube channel has more than 436,000 subscribers, and a powerful video from August called “YES IM FAT” received 624,674 views. “Before commenting on someone’s weight/body, please be mindful that you have no idea where they are on their journey,” she wrote in the caption of that video.

We’re hoping for a more positive 2018 and Nabela it is safe to say, we love you!

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