If you want to stay hot on the trends, there are a few designers that you need to keep on the pulse with! Khaadi is one of those talented designer!

They’ve recently just launched their new Lawn 2-Piece collection – so hot off the press that it only went on sale yesterday (23rd March)!

Rolla Bazaar is proud to take a look at some our favourite looks from the collection!

Look 1 – Blue and Beautiful

There’s nothing more beautiful than a bold statement blue! Lined with a pink pattern, and covered in a light blue leaf pattern, this is definitely a statement outfit!

Buy here for $18

Look 2 – Effortless Chic

We imagine anyone wearing this light brown pattern lawn shirt will look as effortlessly chic as this model does! The floral pattern flows across the entire outfit, and teases some colour at the cuffs – definitely makes the top 5!

Buy here for $18

Look 3 – Bright and Bold

Just when you think there’s a colour explosion on your top, pairing this with some orange trousers gives this outfit another layer of colour! We just love the dark brown material speckled with yellows and reds and greens! A feast for the eyes indeed!

Buy here for $25

Look 4 – Pretty in Pink

Another outfit that teases a bright blue on the cuffs, but the eyes are all over the pink! A feminine colour match, and a lovely leaf pattern over the top, this outfit will ooze your feminine charm as well as grab all the attention that you need!

Buy here for $18

Look 5 – Stand out from the crowd

Don’t just have one eye-catching colour on your outfit this summer – have three! This bright combination of pink, orange and white means you’ll stand out in any room you step into! This is our outfit pick of the collection! With the long tail as well, it’s so different and unique!

Buy here for $22

What’s your favourite look? Share with us in the comments!

We’d like to give image credit to Khaadi’s Facebook page for all these amazing images!