Do you hate getting ashiness under your foundation?

Want a way to give a flawless effect to your look?

Watch the video below from Anchal MUA to find out how to colour correct for Indian, Asian, Warm, Olive or Dark skin!

Take-away comments!

  • Warmer skin tones can experience dis-coloration underneath the eyes, around the nose and around the mouth
  • It can make your skin look slightly grey – which is not a good look!
  • You can put an orange corrector into your “problem zones” which can include any spot scars you have
  • Applying it to these areas means it doesn’t look ashy when you put foundation on
  • Use a stippling sponge to blend in the orange corrector around the eyes and other areas
  • This will take off any excess corrector, which means when you put the foundation on, not too much orange will show through
  • Use a medium to full coverage foundation to complete this look
  • Use a stippling brush to blend in the foundation. The reason for using this instead of a blending sponge is so that it doesn’t move around the product that you’ve put on
  • Add a medium to full coverage concealer under the eyes to help cover up the orange corrector
  • Use a mini blending sponge to help blend in the concealer and corrector
  • Set the under eye make up by stippling and brushing on some powder

Voila! Your look is complete!

Thank you Anchal MUA for the great video! You can find her YouTube channel here