There’s just something about Indian women’s hair! It never seems to age, and it’s always so thick!

Bloggers like from Anjana Muralidharan from Curls and Beauty Diary always seem to have the most perfect hair!

There’s the tried and tested ways that are known to the world, like:

  • Not washing your hair everyday – It seems to be a rule of thumb that two-three times a week is a good amount of time. The natural grease helps protect hair against environmental influences
  • No hairdryer in sight – Hairdryers can dry out your scalp, so leaving your hair to dry naturally seems to be the best way to keep your hair and scalp in their best condition
  • Natural materials – No plastic, metal or rubber products should touch your hair, and you should opt for more natural products like wood. It’s very common for Indian women to brush their hair with a wooden hair brush.

Here are some other lesser known ways to help make your hair thick and beautiful – some easy, and some downright unusual!

Vitamin tablets

Heading to your local pharmacy or Boots, you’re bound to find a section labelled “vitamins” and a large selection promising you beautiful hair, and then a long, complicated list of ingredients that just put you off! Or maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram and see someone offering you gummy vitamins and amazing hair if you pay an extortionate P&P price.

But, all you really need is vitamin tablets that contain Folate and Zinc! Simple!

Different oils

This one comes down to which scent you’d rather have on your head for hours – coconut or olive!

It’s an easy process: rub your chosen oil into your hair and leave it for a few hours, then wash it out with some mild shampoo – leaving you with luscious and thick hair!

Watch what you eat

If you’re partial to a McDonalds every other week, or love anything that is associated with the word grease, it’s not going to do your hair any good! Diet can really affect your hair and how it looks!

You can still enjoy the occasional Big Mac, try to make sure you feed yourself lots of vegetables, drink plenty of water, eat salads and most importantly – get yourself a bag of organic nuts to snack on, preferably Cashews!

Cycles of the moon

Here’s the unusual one!

According to some, you can use the moon calendar for your beauty and wellness planning. Hair care specialists Morrocco Method International believe in the power of Lunar power and different cycles of the moon affect your hair!

If you want to cut your hair, and you have a certain reason why, this Lunar chart will help! Let’s focus on the “Thicken” section. The chart says that if you want to have thicker hair, cut you hair on the 2nd and 3rd April, or the 26th and 27th April. For any other hair goals, consult the lunar chart below!

Have you got any amazing hair tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

We’d like to thank Morrocco Method International for their fantastic lunar chart, Anjana Muralidharan from Curls and Beauty Diary’s Facebook page for her images and Bellatory for sharing some of their hair care wisdom with us!