Whether you spell it Saree, Sari or Shari, there’s not doubt about the cultural significance of them! It is one of the oldest surviving un-stitched garments from the past!

Not only is the Saree a beautiful piece of fabric, but the colours speak more for the outfit. The colour is not just to match your skin tone, but it has much more hidden meanings to it! Find out what each of them mean here!


This is a colour of celebration, love and weddings! It’s a beautiful colour that symbolises dominance, passion and sensuality. If you want to stand out in a room, this is the colour to wear! The colour can be worn for various occasions, but it usually indicates weddings. This colour is for those with a bold personality!

The sheer elegance of Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s deep Red saree is something that cannot be put into words!


A calmer version of the Red saree, but still drawing in attention and energy. If you want to give off the vibe of freshness and brightness, this is your colour. If you’ve got the complexion, give it a go, otherwise it can be difficult to carry it off. It’s a positive and energetic colour.

Look at this amazing Orange bridal saree from Ritu Kumar – it’s all about the energy!


Much like the sun, yellow carries warmth, optimism and light. To dress yourself in a yellow saree is to say to the world “I am happy”. It’s also good for giving yourself the motivation for rejuvenation and balancing your mind. If you’re feeling heavy and repressed, blast it away with a bright yellow saree!

The extra shimmer from Pernia Qureshi’s design adds another layer to the meaning of “light”!


Green is the colour of the year, so own it when you wear it! Green signifies calm and soothing, as well as nature and the outdoors. If you want to wear it, wear it during the Spring period as it’s most suited to then. A green saree is meant to predict prosperity and love for the environment, so it’s a very meaningful colour.

This fantastically frilly saree was created by the amazing Surily Goel! We just love the vibrant colour!


With a saree, there’s different blues that mean different things. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused, opt for a pale blue to help you. Or if you need a comfort zone for yourself, regardless of the situation, try wearing Indigo or Navy Blue. Blue sarees stand for peace, calm and serenity – so be at one with yourself in this colour.

House of Masaba have created this stunning blue saree – it seems to be channeling serenity and calm!


Femininity is the meaning behind the pink saree. A woman who wear it is showing her happiness, as well as standing for romance. Pink is the colour if you want to show your compassion and an open heart, as well as a capability of loving others.

Manish Malhotra designed this wonderfully feminine Pink bridal Saree, isn’t it exquisite!


Black used to be associated with grief and sadness, but now can be more commonly associated with power, elegance and versatility. You’ll definitely hold the room in a black saree twinned with some gold colouring! When you’re heading out in this outfit, make sure your head is held high and you walk with confidence!

Adding an extra layer to the skirt makes this Black saree from Tarun Tahiliani a unique and beautiful piece!


Understandably, White stands for purity, simplicity and peace. If you want to start your new beginning, a White saree is the way to go! You’re symbolising a new start and a clean slate with the freshness of a White saree.

Neeta Lulla has created this beautiful White saree that just exudes purity – what do you think?

What is your favourite colour Saree and why? Let us know in the comments!

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