Every day, we pick out our blushers and apply them, unbeknownst of how this simple decision impacts our psyche and our personal, inner style. The truth is that all women are attracted to different blush shades, and each colour has something to say about the woman who flaunts it.

Here, take a look:

Watermelon pink: Feminine Sensuality 


If you’re a huge fan of this warm pink hue, chances are, you prefer flaunting an effortless glamour devoid of heavy contouring and lathering heaps of products. You want a sweetly romantic look with summery pink cheeks, and you’ll probably pair up this look with a rosy nude or a light brown pout. You like the apple of your cheeks to be the stand-out point of your look, and instead of sculpting your cheekbones and jawbones with contouring, you’d rather flaunt a pop of deep pink and exude feminine sensuality.

English Rose: The Serene Beauty


Women who dab this subtle rosy flush on their cheeks tend to seek a more natural and serene day-time look. You use this hue to give off a natural blushing effect because it blends perfectly with your skin tone, and you’re more likely to use it in creamy formulas rather than loose powder.

Bright Coral: Funky Girl


Women with fairer skin tones tend to love this bright pop of color, and they use it to channel their bold and funky senses. Using a coral blush reflects jolly and fun-loving personality of a woman who isn’t afraid of ditching conventional hues for a more exciting, bright splash that will stand-out on her face and dominate her look. Such women also tend to be much more inviting and alluring.

Deep Red: Sensual and Bold


A glamorous and vibrant pop of red is the signature look of a ravishing goddess who dresses up to ensure that her look is an instant head-turner and drop dead glamorous. She is bold and audacious, and she understands how to prim up all her features to bring out the best in her beauty.

This woman is prepared to take bold risks to make her beauty routine excitingly glamorous because it’s just so easy for her to get bored, and she’d sooner die than allow her makeup statement to be labeled as conventional or normal. 

Orange-Red: An Aesthetic Delight


Despite the popular notion that women with olive skin tones tend to prefer an orange-red blush, the truth is that all woman who want to brim up their face with heaps of confidence and electrify their look tend to stick to this gorgeously bright hue. These are the women who find neutral and nude looks unbearably plain, because to them, make up is all about brightening up and glamorizing their statement with a bright splash of colors.