Rolla Bazaar has exclusively spoken to head designer Haré Dhami from Sharon’s Couture about plans to expand the business in 2017

The Smethwick-based boutique has grown from a small retailer to a bespoke Asian bridal haven, catering for both men and women.

He commented on how they have gained a lot of interest from audiences in the south of England, and would like to branch out into those areas.

Hear more about the business and their plans for expansion in our exclusive interview below

While at the moment there are no immediate plans, Haré commented that “it would be nice to open something down London end.”

“We’re now one of the best designers in the Midlands, we do the majority of the Midland’s brides…so in terms of storing our bridal pieces – we’re running out of room!”

Haré joined the business in 2012, after spending time working in Christian Dior as a marketing manager. His passion for bridal fashion started from a young age and developed after he graduated.

The award winning business have three areas that they believe make them different to other Asian bridal shops within the area.

“We’re one of the only businesses that provides his and hers…second thing is we do in-house jewellery…number three is that we are a family run business, so we like to treat our clients like our own family!”

Haré Dhami being interviewed by Rolla Bazaar

We look forward to seeing how Haré Dhami and Sharon’s Couture get along in the future!

If you’re interested in having your bridal look created by Haré and his team, you can find more details here.


Rolla Bazaar would like to thank Haré Dhami and Sharon’s Couture for their time

We would also like to thank Ben Sound for their music