So you’ve read about all your favourite Bollywood celebrities, all the way from Deepika Padukone and her trip to the Oscars, to Shah Rukh Khan and his alcohol free party. But now you want to get beyond just the news – you want to be the news!

Have you got what it takes to become a Bollywood star? Could you survive the lifestyle under the spotlight?

There’s a few things you’ll need to start doing to get yourself into the Bollywood lifestyle – find out below!

The Make-Up Routine

Every Bollywood star worth her salt has a make-up routine! However, with the millions she’s earning, she can afford to have someone create her look for her. Whether you’re looking for the legendary Ambika Pillai to help apply a much-needed facial, or elegant make-up from Mallika Bhat!

You on the other hand, might need to keep yourself from blowing your budget too soon. Maybe try some make up tutorials online, like BeautyByBambi’s traditional Bollywood tutorial, or KeepingUpWithMona’s Bollywood Bridal tutorial, which can be easily adapted for those times when you get caught by the Paparazzi while getting your shopping done!

The Fashion

So now you’ve got the make-up sorted, you need to choose your style! Are you going to get your look designed by the House of Masaba’s Masaba Gupta, who has dressed the likes of Alia Bhatt for general day-to-day wear as well as red carpet events!

However, they may be a little out of your price range, so why not try replicating the styles of Akanksha Redhu. While her style isn’t explicitly Bollywood themed, more and more Bollywood stars are taking their style more mainstream, with hints of tradition here and there! You’ll definitely find that with Akanksha’s style!

Getting into Films

You need to get scouted, and out there in the world you won’t get anywhere unless you get yourself in front of a casting director! If you’re desperate to get yourself into stardom, you need to get in front of some big name casting directors! You know that Shanoo Sharma is the woman to show off to! She’s launched the careers of Ravneer Singh and Parineeta Chopra!

However, unless you know a casting director personally, it’s unlikely you’ll get spotted straight away. Start by getting yourself on casting websites and work your way up! Start small and soon you’ll be scouted!

Dancing and Singing

Every Bollywood film has some element of singing or dancing, so it’s best if you’re able to put your two left feet together into a rhythm, or hit the high notes! Sometimes you can’t hire private vocal coaches to your mansion, or practice your moves in your underground dance studio!

If you’re living in the UK, you might want to start with dance schools for your lessons. The Bollywood Co. can help you pick up the basics of Bollywood dancing, while the Indian Music Academy from South Asian Arts can give you the vocal lessons that you need!


That should be enough to get you started – the rest is up to you!

Can you think of anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Article images are courtesy of KeepingUpWithMona’s YouTube channel, Akanksha Redhu’s Facebook page and The Bollywood Company’s Facebook page.