The iconic 62-year old actor and film maker, Jackie Chan, is currently in India promoting his upcoming Indo-Chinese co-produced film Kung Fu Yoga and has hinted that he wants a change from the action genre.

Chan said to press at a promotional event:

“I want to do a Bollywood film, is there any director to hire me? No more action for me, I want to do dance and do a love story. I tried very hard to do one but the script did not work out. But after 11 years I am here. It’s one of my dreams to do a Bollywood film.”

I’s hardly surprising that Chan, who has spent almost 56 years making action films, fancies a change of pace and he went on to say that he wanted to be known as a more versatile actor akin to Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro or Dustin Hoffman.

A Bollywood film involving Jackie Chan would be extremely compelling and hopefully this film will come to fruition one day!

Images courtesy of the Jackie Chan Facebook Page