Sarees are a cornerstone of South Asian fashion and are worn by millions of women across the world. Everyone can look great in a Saree and here are some crucial rules to follow to look stunning at your next big event.

1) Never wear a plain saree

You may think that a plain Saree would seem elegant and uniquely beautiful. However, this could not be further from the truth as the simplicity will come across as too bland. At least a little additional design is needed to give your Saree some distinguishing features and character.

2) Never wear Wedged Heels

No matter how good your Saree is, if you wear wedged shoes any glamour that your outfit has will be taken away in an instant. They are just a bit too tacky and it would be a shame to not couple a Saree with more stylish footwear.

3) Don’t show too much skin

Too much skin can be revealed due to wearing too low of a blouse, the wrong drape or too low of an underskirt. Wearing a Saree is alluring enough, no need to flaunt more than you need to ladies!

4) Don’t wear to much jewellery

A Saree can be a very jewel laden outfit so too many additional accessories will take attention away from the Saree you’re wearing. In some cases, less is more.

5) Find the Style that suits your body type

When finding the perfect Saree, experimentation is essential. Everyone has a different body type therefore each individual will suit different drape styles, fabrics, cuts, and colours. It may take some trial and error to work out which combination yields your perfect Saree but it will be well worth it!